About Christy Toms' Eat Clean, Train Mean Nutritional Guidelines:

Take this chance to completely change your lifestyle and the way you view nutrition. These guidelines are what I have followed when leading up to a fitness competition, where my BEST BODY is needed.
This information is GUARANTEED to get you into that HotBod that you’ve always wanted.

In today’s society, there are so many foods that contain preservatives, large amounts of sodium and incredible amounts of sugar. All of these result in weight gain, fat storage and unhealthy bodies. My EAT CLEAN, TRAIN MEAN plan will teach you how to avoid these foods and provide you with guidelines to get you into your dream body!

With this plan, you could notice results in as little as  2-4 weeks!


"Today I weighed in at 115.8...another great week! I have to tell you that since I have been doing this diet/sup and drinking all the H2O, I feel so much better. I am not exhausted like I use to be, I am sleeping better, and the best thing I have noticed is my joints don't hurt..mostly my shoulders..they were so bad it hurt to take my shirt off, and now that pain is gone! This has changed my life!!" - Tammy (Parry Sound, Ontario)

"I can honestly say I have never felt so confident before. Not only because I looked good, but I felt good. Without your program, I probably would still be that girl that is intimidated and self-conscious...so....a thank you to you!" - Cory-Lyn (Sudbury, Ontario)